Ron's faceRon is retired from Northrop Grumman as a technical writer, builds his own boats, is an avid sailor, and helped build the schooner “Virginia” as well as write the operating manual for the ship's mechanical and electrical systems.  A native New Yorker, Ron earned 2 bronze and 1 silver International medals with the Big Apple Chorus from Manhattan, NY, and also competed at the international level with his quartet, The Vocal Point.

Just before leaving New York, Ron was very active in regional theater.  He appeared in several musicals (Annie, 42nd Street, and Fiorello) and as the leading actor in the comedy farces Lend Me A Tenor, Noises Off, and Social Security.  However, since arriving here, his theatrical involvement has been limited to serving for a time on the boards of the Little Theater of Norfolk and the Virginia Opera Guild, and a stint as a “spear carrier” in the Todi Fest production of the opera Nabucco.

Since his New York days Ron has sung with Norfolk’s Commodore Chorus and several quartets, joining WD Bankart in a few of them. Ron was the baritone for MAD’s 2008 Senior Quartet Champion, Four Karat Gold. 

Ron sings the harmony part that is underneath the tenor, above the bass, and over and under the melody line depending on what kind of gymnastics the arranger felt like putting the baritone through. Ron is The School Board’s technician, working hard behind the scenes to keep the balance “just right”.